Cohan Floating Cohan Floating

March 20th I will be taking over London Newcastle to exhibit a vast array of my work. Paintings, writing, lectures, photographic collaborations and live performance. More and more my other outlets are catching up with my music, I wish to showcase how my thirst for expressing my ideas can manifest in one amazing space. I am particularly excited to showcase my new work with photographer Ben Hopper and the futuristic imagery from my ‘Organic Electronic’ Project with Zach Walker and Linden Jay. The aim will be to shock and surprise – If you are a Fan of any aspect of the Reeps One creative intention don’t miss out on this event.

MARCH 20th // Organic Electronic Show – Reeps will flex his vocal muscles and showcase his audio and visual vocal experience during the opening and private view

MARCH 22nd // Day of games – Come and do something you have never before. Body painting, pitch black performances, chess and test your minds to win original art.

MARCH 26th //Open. Your. Mind. OYM talks – Curated by Reeps one we will open out doors to talented minds to share their ideas with the legendary HOWARD MARKS to headline.

Reeps One AKA Harry Yeff was labelled with A.D.D at a young age. Named as a disorder the attributes of this condition have been the very reason his creations have gathered global attention with fans in the 10’s of thousands and online views in the multi millions Reeps One brings an exhibition bridging the gap between concept, music, performance and Art designed to enter you in to his dark and exciting world world where no sensory stimulation is enough and more fun and surprise is always an option”

REEPS ADO - Back of flyer

‘RED’ // Organic Electronic Vocal Vibration


Death of a King

‘DEATH OF A KING’ // ink on paper 10″ X 30″