Spike Reeps

New Generation Vocalist. All Human. All Reeps One.

Leave what you think about beatboxing at the door, Reeps One is a vocal force. If you are unfamiliar this walking, breathing sound system, he is the first to ever vocalise bass music in a way that has had producers and scientists alike scratching their heads and invariably dancing.
Reeps Is an acoustic instrument, a human that speaks electronic music and can stand up to the highest energy DJ’s in the world. By the end of 2010 he was playing alongside Foreign Beggars, had just finished a UK tour with the mighty Prodigy and won the UK Beatbox Championships twice in a row; all with a sound that truly made people dance, without a loop pedal in sight.

Now with YouTube views in the multi-millions Reeps One has drawn the attention of those outside the conventional world of a beatboxer. He was recently invited by neurologists at UCL to have his brain scanned as part of a study on what changes in a person’s mind when they become an expert at their skill; these findings were then presented by Reeps and the team at the ICA in London. He was also invited by Steve Budd to participate in the ‘Africa Express’, a journey which took a collection of hand-picked musicians including Damon Albarn, Dead Prez and John Paul Jones of the Led Zepplins to six cities in six days.

Reeps has also recently begun combining his passion for visual arts with his music to produce a truly organic AV show using the science of cymatics, controlled by his voice. Audiences have already been awed by this unique interpretation of sound and 2014 will see a further exploration in the seemingly infinite possibilities of this science.

The Africa Express

africa express logoThe Africa Express was by far the craziest musical experience of my life, 6 cities, 6 stages and In that one week I shared the stage with M1 Dead Prez, Damon Albarn, The Magic Numbers, Rizzle Kicks, The Libertines, Babba Maal the list goes on. All these hand selected Western and African musicians where put in a private rented train we used to travel to each city ( apparently the only other person to rent a train that year was the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee ) One of the carriages was converted in to a rehearsal space we had to use to create original collaborations to by the time we got to the venues. On the last show in london we where joined by Paul McCartney on stage. My collaboration included, Myself and Babba maal, Opening up with M1 Dead Prez on ‘Hip Hop’, Colab piece with Rizzle Kicks and even a one on one Jam with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. If there ever was a week worth of music worth being proud enough to share, this is it.

Here is the Guardians Newspaper feature on the project