Things you should avoid

Many people tend to think that they can be as good as a real estate agent when it comes to listing their property, but this is not always the case. So, what you should avoid at all costs, when it comes to listing your property? Here is our list to help you become more successful and sell your property.

Posting a listing with improper details

Not providing the necessary details in a listing may lead people not getting interested in it. Most people don’t like to communicate unless they want to see a property. So, be mindful, if possible read lots of professional listings to see what needs to be included in order to raise interest.

Posting a listing including untrue information

Always be honest and do not advertise a property as new if it’s clearly run down for instance. The bad thing in being dishonest is not only it would come out the day you are showing the property, it would lead to lots of unnecessary showings too. This is also true to using too many flowery phrases too.

Avoid posting bad quality photos

Dark, blurry photos showing rooms still packed with your belongings will really not cut a good (if any) deal for you. Avoid it like plague. Only post nice yet realistic photos of your place, to give potential buyers a clear picture of what you have to offer.

Avoid posting overly photoshopped or filtered photos

Slight Photoshopping or filtering may help but photos with too much Photoshop are just like offering information that’s simply not true. Some filters may change the overall look of a room or a property but in a way that it would lead to misunderstanding. Photoshop is also often used to mask errors and other imperfections for people not to see these. The problem with this is, that eventually they will get to see all these in real life. Offering misinformation also regards any photos which make the place look way larger than it is.

Avoid artistic photos

Photos done with special technology such as the fish-eye lens are absolutely a no-no. This also regards photos which grab a small detail such as plants, views of the whole city or anything that doesn’t have to do with the overall look of the property are largely unnecessary.

Avoid listing an incorrect price

Once a price is out, it’s tricky to alter it, unless you delete the listing as soon as possible.

Avoid listing without price or photo

Most people will not even take a second look at listings which are posted either without photos or without a price.

Do not include the words such as "Urgent" or "Immediate"

Because it's like a magical calling sound for all those tricksters or fraudsters, who are on the lookout for desperate sellers who end up selling them their properties way under-priced or they may not even pay for it only much later.