find the best suitable real-estate agent for you?

There are many good real estate agents out there and there are even more bad ones. But the most important thing for you is, not only to find a good real estate agent but a suitable real estate agent who can really effectively help you sell your home, for as high a value as possible. And even more than that, if you find the best real estate agent for you, he or she can even help you get your new home for you.

Let’s enlist some of the key criteria which make a real estate agent suitable for you:

He or she works in the neighbourhood of your property or otherwise familiar with it

It’s very important for the real estate agent to have a full, extensive knowledge about the area where your property is. This way, he/she will be familiar with the types of people living in there, knows what target audiences will be the best to target and will be clear about the local prices.

He/she has long and successful history of work

You need a real effective real estate agent. That’s also why many go for real estate professionals which are suggested to them by others (but watch out for the local knowledge). It’s good to ask around or simply check out the regional real estate agencies and go through their listings to see what they offer, how they offer it and what the differences are in the offers. Choose the real estate agent whose offer is ore appealing to you.

Who is enthusiastic about the job

You need someone who loves what he/she does, because this is an otherwise demanding job so one needs lots of heart combined with selling talent to do it successfully.

Who can make true assessments of what target audience your property should target and can effectively help you in making the first steps to prepare your property for selling.

Although unfortunately most real estate agents do not have relatives who work as contractors and who are ready to turn your property spick and span, many good ones can still suggest you who to turn to, what key renovations to do on the first place and can access the current value and the future value realistically.

Who gets things together quickly

Especially if you want to sell fast, it’s essential for you to have a real estate agent who is quick. This way, you can also get them get a new property for you and can start your moving in, before your property is listed ( if your budget allows you to do so).

Who is familiar with taxes and contractual requirements

As buying and selling requires a strict contract between the parties plus the knowledge of all the taxes and additional fees to be paid, not to mention all the possibilities for credits and mortgages, a good real estate agent has to be on top of the game and be informed.