In-house renovation jobs to raise the value of your house

If you have some budget, you can drastically raise the value of your home. Sometimes even a smaller amount of investment could make your house worth way more. Of course, not all renovation can create this type of an income. What’s important to note, is that any of the below presented renovation jobs would definitely raise the value of your home.

A fresh coat of paint

If you have no money for anything else, this is still a must-do, even if its done with a plain white paint. Painted homes will instantly look newer, cleaner, more updated and this will instantly raise the value and the attractiveness of your property. Don’t go out of line with different shades, if you really want to only vary two and use neutral tones. Check out social media sites like Pinterest for the trendiest plain neutral colours.

Walk –in closet opening from master bedroom

We know this may not be easy to do if you don’t have it already. If you have any dead space either within your bedroom or outside of it which can be turned into a walk-in closet, then have it done.

Add a bathroom, especially one that opens from the bedroom

Most people dream of a bedroom which does have a bathroom and a walk-in closet. But if you only have space to include just one of these, then make it be a bathroom. Additional bathrooms are much appreciated and they will instantly up the value of your home.

Turn the restroom into a powder room or a bathroom with a shower

Many place have the toilet separately and its a space which can be increased. Even if you put in a sink with a beautiful mirror and lighting and some more storage area can turn toilet into a powder room which will instantly add value to your property. If you have enough space to include a small shower, then you have an additional bathroom!

Creating an open-concept kitchen

Open-concept kitchen simpy means that the kitchen is not as separate as it mostly is, it has a natural opening towards the dining –or living-room areas and this way, the kitchen is a much more integrated space. However, be careful with this one and don’t go all too far, as there are many who don’t like a totally open concept kitchen ( this means when kitchen is one space with the living room.

Fireplace in the living room

A good living room has a good focal point and fireplace is one that just attracts most people. It has that warm family feeling which most people look for in a home. If you have a natural opening where you can get a fireplace installed without too much of a challenge or loss of space, then do it.

Storage space

Look for all the dead spaces in your home and think through which parts could be turned into storage space. Using dead space, which means space which you would otherwise not be using anyways is a great way to increase storage and still leave your home feel spacious.