The key criteria for any property to sell on the market

Selling a property is often not that easy. But if you keep yourself to some or all of these tips we would like to give you, then these can help you to sell your home much easier and faster. Make sure you will do all these, even before you start listing your property.

Important to note: the best case scenario for selling is, that you are already moved out. This way plenty of time and energy is saved and you won’t need to hurry and do things in a haste. It would also take much pressure off you having the property already emptied out.


The first rule of making a property look more attractive is to display as much free space as possible. Everyone is in need of space. Therefore most buyers would look for places which are more spacious to their standards. Living somewhere for many years or even decades will result in tons of clutter and the storing of tons of unnecessary things, even if someone is not particularly a hoarder, but if they are, then all the more things would take space away. Decluttering takes time and effort but it’s much worth doing: partly because of moving out and because it’s essential to represent as much clear and open space as possible.

renovation of your house

Get the whole property painted

Painting the walls to a fresh light color, possible white, egg-white or beige would instantly turn the property look much cleaner than it used to be. It’s a very important step in making a property look renovated and inviting. In the same time. After packing out and before starting with the deep cleansing, have the property and all the doors, windows and their frames properly painted.


There is a huge difference in cleaning and real cleaning. The cleaning what most of us do on a daily basis with the hoovering and clean-up is basically only a touch-up in order to keep the home on a standard level. But over the years and with all the usage of everything, things slowly but surely start to get dirtier even when daily touch-up is applied. That’s why, when it comes to a real deep cleansing, you need to make sure you will clean everything, scrub all floors until they are shining, clean all the windows on both sides, all the tiles and the fugue in-between them and clean under and behind all furniture and last but not least, dust, clean or bin the carpets, used furniture and the curtains. When you are really going at it you will instantly see, even if you clean up daily, there is tons of clutter which stays.


If you are low on budget, no big works are required of course. The key value raising factors include the renovation/facelift of kitchen and bathroom areas mainly. However, absolute cleanness would instantly make it all seem newer. Only do fixer-upper tasks where it’s absolutely necessary.