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April 14, 2014

Snowbombing = Awesome


I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a multitude of places with a view, Splore festival, New Zealand comes to mind, with its golden beaches and party-goers floating in salt water, to the sounds of myself and DJ Qbert in the distance…but Snowbombing was truly stunning.

I was given the pleasure of playing the Forest stage before The Prodigy, followed by a set down at The Mother Ship, both hour shows; which was a new record for me in itself. The first festival of the season, Snowbombing really set the year off with a bang. Both sets took me up a new gear, mostly due to the setting, the crowd and of course the calibre of artists I was playing alongside. The Cuban Brothers came full force with their funk fueled, dance power show and nothing really has to be said for The Prodigy; it sometimes takes these hugely experienced acts to push you to the next level, you see how they act, carry themselves, interact and you leave feeling inspired….

I was also interviewed and filmed by MTV Music and you will be able to see it all live next month… I’ll be sure to keep you all posted – Wob Wob




March 25, 2014

A.D.O So Far

I’d like to thank everyone who has come to see my debut exhibition A.D.O so far and helped make it a huge success!

The opening night saw me perform to a full house with the largest Cymatics installation ever created, Saturday’s day of games included an exploration of the senses (or lack of) with a Pitch Black Performance in total darkness and The Circle of Naked, the definition of crowd participation, with volunteers putting themselves forward for a full body inking courtesy of myself.

On Wednesday 26th from 7pm, Reeps will be joined by beatbox pioneer Shlomo, olfactory expert Amber Marks, THE authority on speech and voice neuroscience Professor Sophie Scott, and the legendary Howard Marks for a series of exclusive talks.

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