Virgin Media: Bundles

In this chapter we would like to represent you with all the best Virgin media has on offer. Originally started as a TV /satellite TV provider Virgin media has grown out to become a key player in the telecommunication business. With its unbeatable optic fibre internet speed, Virgin has tons of offers and there is literally no way you wouldn’t find a bundle here which would not suit your taste and budget. Let’s get to see all the bundles the company has on offer and learn what’s so special about Virgin Media television.

What comes with each bundle?

Each bundle includes the installation of the Virgin phone line which offers free talking time in-between other Virgin phone users. There are extra offers which come with some package that include the Talk Weekends offer, offering free calls to all landline phones within the UK.

30 day rolling agreement: now, if someone doesn’t want to commit to a contract they can order the package and pay a monthly fee for it every 30 days. This way, the client also holds the right to cancel the package within 30 days.

12 month contract: the TV package automatically contains s broadband that’s starting from the standard 50 Mbps speed going up to 300 Mbps speed depending on the bundle you choose, each one offering unlimited download option, up to 4 devices.

A V6 or a TiVo box: enabling users to have more control on what they watch, with the ability to record and store programs, timing and to provide TV access on multiple devices. It would also provide broadband. Additional features include the pause and rewind options.

Extra chance to subscribe to Netflix (additional fee applies).

Note that an additional GBP 20 activation fee applies per household.

The packages which are on offer:

Mix TV package: contains all the most popular TV channels (Sky1, Fox, MTV) offering over 150 channels altogether with the Vivid 100 broadband (100 Mbps speed) for GBP 45/month in the first 12 months.

Full House TV package: contains a great mix of channels for the whole family, offering 230 TV channels with each British Tv sport channel displayed in HD, NatGeo Wild and all the Disney channels too. This bundle comes with the VIVID 100 broadband (100 Mbps speed) up to 9 devices. Price is GBP 55/month in the first 12 months.

Player TV Bundle: offering over 70 TV channels + the Vivid 50 broadband (50 Mbps) and the Virgin Phone for GBP 33/month in the first 12 months

Full House Movies Bundle: on top of the offers included in the Full House bundle this bundle offers all the Sky cinema channels (in HD) over 230 TV channels and the Vivid 200 broadband (up to 200 Mbps speed) for households with more than 10 devices.

Full House Sports: on top of the regular Full House channels it offers all Sky sports channels (230+ channels altogether) wih Vivid 200 broadband.

VIP: for GBP 88 / month in the first 12 months you get the best of all worlds with 260+ TV channels containing all Sky channels (sports and movies) and the fastest 300 Mbps broadband in form of Vivid 300.

Call the Virgin Media number for more information or subscribe online.

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