Virgin Mobile phone deals and types of plans

Virgin Mobile offers some great types of plans for its clients. The good thing in these is, that it’s you who decide how much money you would like to pay and when you would like to pay. You can also choose the type of commitment too. Let’s introduce you to the key plans at Virgin Mobile and let you know how they work.

SIM only services:

There are several sorts of SIM services at Virgin Mobile. This is best for those who wouldn’t like to purchase a device or wants a lower level of commitment. Let’s take a look at these

Pay Monthly SIMs: if you would like to get a service that’s price conscious and still offers you plenty to be able to manage your phone calls, texts and get a great deal of data usage, then this service is for you. Now, pay monthly SIMs are offered from GBP 20/ month: for this, you will get 100 GB 4G data (as a current extra offer instead of the usual 20 GB of data) and 5000 minutes of talking time. On top of it all you can also enjoy all the extra benefits such as the data rollover, the free roaming and can change your plan once every month. The price you pay also depends on the contract duration chosen by you. For extra offers the normal minimum duration is generally 12 months. The current lowest offer for pay monthly Sims is for GBP 6 with a 12 month contract. For this, you will get 300 minutes of talking time and 300 MB data usage.

Pay As You Go SIMs: this structure is great for all those who don’t want commitment neither contracts. Those using this service will still get rewards such as free minutes and extra data usage from time to time. You can also use this service if you are crossing over from a different telecommunications company. On top of it all now you can order a SIM for free. You can top up your SIM with GBP 10 or with GBP 15. You also have the chance to top up your phone and get unlimited minutes to landline and 120 minutes to mobiles all inside the UK. Virgin Mobiles and Virgin land lines are always free to call. Once you top up your SIM by GBP 10 you can choose the tariff you would like to use (either Big Talk or Big Data and Texts). Extra rewards will be added to your phone 48 hours following the top up. Check out the website or Call Virgin Mobile for more information on the tariffs that apply.

Data SIMs: If you need a SIM in your tablet, there are specific tablet data SIMs on offer at Virgin Mobile with 4G standard data speed. The minimum amount to be paid is only GBP 8 per month and you will get an extra 30 day rollover, use roaming on UK prices and it’s guaranteed that the SIM would fit in any tablet device. For GBP 8 you will get 2GB data usage outside of WiFi each month.


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