Virgin Mobile extra features

You can not only get a great phone, keep your old phone number and pay a great monthly fee ( except for the pay as you go plan when you pay as and when you want to) there are tons of additional services Virgin Mobile offers for you if you become their client. Let’s get to see some of these extra services this time around.

Great speed:

Virgin Mobile is proud to offer some of the fastest and most reliable internet out of all mobile suppliers with a maximum data usage of 20GB. The internet speed is always being ensured and monitored making users able to do all the following:

Extra services

If you decide to go for one of the monthly plans you will also get the following free services:

In addition you can use 2 million hotspots in the whole area of the country without using you data and can be rest assured to be covered anywhere you are with a whopping 99% rate coverage. Roaming will not cost you any extra charge in case you are using it in one of the 43 EU countries enlisted.

Read more about all the services and their conditions on Virgin Mobile website.

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