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The UK has a few large broadband, television suppliers and Virgin Media has been one of the key suppliers in the past few years. However in the past few years Virgin has decided to widen its services and become a proper telecommunication company offering 3 in one services in almost all areas of the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at what they currently have on offer and where does Virgin Media come from.

As you may have guessed from its name Virgin Media has been partly owned by the large Virgin Conglomerate of billionaire Richard Branson who is also the owner of Virgin Atlantic airlines. While the British Virgin Media has a British management based in Swansea and has approximately 1700 workers it’s still a subsidiary of the US Virgin Media Holding.

Virgin Media has first gained attention of being the first ever UK telecommunications company which could offer the fastest broadband in the country. Today, it offers various bundles (or packages) to its customers. These include the following:

Internet: Virgin was the first to gain access to the ultrafast optical fibre connection offering internet at the highest speed. This is why its specific broadband for gamers offer is among the most popular services used. The current internet speed varies between 50 Mbps up to 300 Mbps. The performance is powered by SamKnows which is among the primary specialists in terms of performance monitoring. The company runs millions of various tests to ensure the internet connection is always up to par. They also warn all customers that however hard they try, internet speed can depend on a few things beyond the company’s control.

TV: Virgin Media offers some of the largest variety of TV channels which are powered by its TiVo box that ensures smart TV handling offering viewers the chance to be more in charge of what they are watching and when they are watching any program. The box helps users to record and store a large variety of programs. It will also help share TV content on smart devices and multiple television devices.

Phone: Virgin phone is automatically included in all of the bundles offering a large variety of services such as number recall, number withhold, voicemail and free call periods between Virgin phone users. Extra services include international and premium number barring, caller display, call diverting, call waiting and many services more.

Mobile: the mobile service offers the latest and newest devices with great options. There are several sorts of mobile options which include the monthly tariffs, the SIM only service and the pay as you go service. All clients have the chance to upgrade their subscription if they use a SIM only or a Pay as you Go service. Virgin mobile is proud to offer the lowest mobile prices without any upfront fees. The latest and most popular offers include the iPhone latest series including iPhone X and iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the S7. There are several payment plans available for those who are unable to pay the whole sum for one of these exclusive devices.

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